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    Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

    Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

    It’s almost Christmas and many of us are still scrambling around trying to choose the perfect gift for a friend or relative. It seems like they already have all the clothes, technology, and jewelry they want.

    We decided to compose a small gift guide of NoCry products to help you out. No matter what gender they are or what lifestyle they may have – these gifts should make any of them happy… and keep them safe!

    Think about what the person likes, what they do in their daily life, and what they may need. Find something that will make their life easier and/or more enjoyable.


    1. A combined gift set of NoCry Cut Resistant Kitchen Gloves and Silicone Oven Mitts

    NoCry kitchen gloves are crafted to protect hands and fingers against accidental cuts and nicks when working with knives, slicers, peelers, and other sharp tools. NoCry ovens mitts however are great for protecting hands against heat and burns when moving hot pots and pans around the kitchen. Together they make a good looking gift set that has some real practical value..

    You can also add a great recipe book to the set if you want to make it more exclusive. Find out their food preferences and buy the book they will use the most!

    1. Thoughtful Gift for Gardening Enthusiasts

    If your friend or relative loves gardening, Puncture Resistant Gardening Gloves can be just the perfect gift! Reinforced, double layered natural goatskin leather fingertips and palms protect against punctures and scratches from roses, blackberries, briars and more. Combine these gloves with some gardening tools and you are good to go!

    1. Surprise Gift For BBQ Masters

    Just because the temperature has gone lower doesn’t mean you can’t still fire up your grill and enjoy the amazing tastes. You can do it year-round.

    NoCry Welding & BBQ gloves are perfect for welding, cooking, BBQ, grilling, and many other tasks. Heat resistant and flame retardant treated leather makes these gloves ideal for handling hot barbeque tools, coals, welding gear and sharp objects. Add variety of BBQ sauces or grilling equipment to the gift and enjoy some Christmas grilling!


    Stop obsessing over finding the best Christmas gifts. Done right, gift giving doesn’t have to be the stressful, superficial chore that it’s become. With a little thought you can spread happiness and keep your friends and family safe. Remember, it’s the thought that counts!

    Wishing you a safe Christmas shopping,

    Raino from NoCry

    6 Tips For Grilling In The Winter

    6 Tips For Grilling In The Winter

    It’s cold outside but you are still dreaming of that juicy meat from your grill? Wait! Don’t put that grill away yet. Just because the temprature has gone lower doesn’t mean you can’t still fire it up and enjoy the amazing tastes. You can do it year-round!

    Just follow these simple steps to combat the weather and recreate the smell and taste of summer.

    1. Consider moving your cooking area closer to the house for shorter trips out in the cold. Identify the direction that the wind blows most often and try to find a spot that offers the best protection from the blusters of winter. For safety, place the grill no closer than 10 feet from your house and never cook in an enclosed area.
    2. Make sure you have propane in reserve, or a full tank of LP gas. They act differently in cold weather. Depending on how cold it is outside, you’ll use more of what you would typically use to keep the grill at a proper temperature during warmer weather.
    3. Warm it up in advance. Start warming the grill earlier than you would in the summer, bringing the grill up to temperature over a longer period of time than usual.
    4. Use a timer and lift the lid as little as possible. Opening the lid to check on food extends cooking time as the grill loses heat quickly. Also use ceramic cookware for heat retention. It will help you to keep your food at temperature. This is also handy for transporting food to your grill or back inside!
    5. Choose quick cooking cuts and select food with a shorter cooking time. That way you can minimize the amount of time you spend in the cold, Thinner and smaller cuts of meat cook quickly over high heat. Thin steaks, chicken breasts, pork loins grill to perfection in a few minutes.
    6. Store the grill accessories in the house so you don’t have to drill through the snow to find them. Use NoCry BBQ gloves which are perfect for working with grills and offer excellent heat resistance and protection against open flames. They are comfortable and will keep you warm!

    Take your grilling to the next level and remember to stay warm!


    Why You Should Be Wearing Protective Eyewear At Work

    Why You Should Be Wearing Protective Eyewear At Work

    Eye injuries in the workplace are very common. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) reports that every day about 2,000 U.S. workers sustain job-related eye injuries that require medical treatment. However, safety experts and eye doctors believe that if workers were wearing the right protective eyewear they can lessen the severity or even prevent 90 percent of these eye injuries.

    Increase in eye injuries at work

    Foreign objects in the eye and cuts or scrapes on the cornea are common eye injuries that occur at work. Other common eye injuries come from splashes with grease and oil, burns from steam, ultraviolet or infrared radiation exposure, and flying wood or metal chips.

    Workers experience eye injuries from not wearing the right protective eyewear for two major reasons:

    • They were not wearing eye protection.
    • They were wearing the wrong kind of protection for the job.

    A Bureau of Labor Statistics survey of workers who suffered eye injuries revealed that nearly three out of five were not wearing eye protection at the time of the accident. These workers most often reported that they believed protection was not required for the situation.

    Personal protective eyewear, such as goggles, face shields, safety glasses or full face respirators must be used when an eye hazard exists. The necessary eye protection you require depends upon the type of hazard, the circumstances of exposure, other protective equipment used and your individual vision needs.


    What are the potential eye hazards at work?

    Workplace eye protection is needed when the following potential eye hazards are present:

    Projectiles (dust, concrete, metal, wood and other particles)
    Chemicals (splashes and fumes)
    Radiation (especially visible light, ultraviolet radiation, heat or infrared radiation, and lasers)

    These potential eye hazards are common in occupations with a high risk for eye injuries including:

    • Construction
    • Manufacturing
    • Mining
    • Carpentry
    • Auto repair
    • Electrical work
    • Plumbing
    • Welding
    • Maintenance

    How can I protect my eyes from injury?
    There are four things you can do to protect your eyes from injury:

    1. Know the eye safety dangers at your work.
    2. Eliminate hazards before starting work by using machine guards, work screens or other engineering controls.
    3. Use protective eyewear.
    4. Keep your safety eyewear in good condition and have it replaced if it becomes damaged.

    Although safety glasses may look like normal dress eyewear, they are designed to provide significantly more eye protection. The lenses and frames are much stronger than regular eyeglasses. Wrap-around lens made from impact resistant materials offer true protection from direct and peripheral threats like wood chips, dust or flying particles. 

    Safety glasses should be adaptable for both indoor and outdoor use so it becomes easier to see cut-lines, colors and other details without optical distortion.

    Lastly your protective eyewear must fit properly to provide adequate protection and must be properly maintained. Scratched and dirty devices reduce vision, cause glare and may contribute to accidents. The latest top brands offer both anti-scratch and anti-fog combined with grips to ensure minimal accidents.

    So if you work in any of these industries and are thinking about getting the right protective eyewear, ensure that you have a protection that meets all these criteria. Except no limitations as you only get one set of eyes!

    Check out our Safety Glasses!

    Announcing A New Product Line

    Announcing A New Product Line

    We're launching our latest product in addition to our extremely popular cut resistant gloves that were launched 5 years ago. The NoCry SuperCut with Rubber Grip Dots are now on sale through our Amazon listing and have already garnered five star reviews from buyers:

    Available in small, medium and large the latest design offers a unique blend of Stainless Steel threads, High-Performance Polyethylene, Glass fiber, Spandex and Nylon, making these gloves extremely tough and durable, whilst still offering a great level of breathability, comfort, and dexterity.

    Our existing gloves offered protection from nicks, cuts, blades and sharp edges, but wearing them at times sacrificed grip when it came to handling awkward objects. Our latest version increases the grip and cut resistance, making these gloves a great product for those working in landscaping, woodworking, cooking and construction industries.

    About NoCry Safety Gear
    Launched 5 years ago, our initial product was only confined to being used in heavy industry. We figured that cut resistant gloves could be fantastic for domestic use too, targeting a niche in the market. In cooperation with universities we developed the first NoCry gloves to be touch responsive yet protective, while still being thin, lightweight and comfortable to wear. For home users comfort is a very important aspect and remains core to our product design.

    Buy them here.

    New Products Coming Soon!

    New Products Coming Soon!

    Our hands here at NoCry are full of work with some very exciting new products we're going to launch in the next couple of months. We're going to have new products for kitchen, garden, workshop, and just for working around the house. Working closely with carefully selected manufacturers we have made sure that they meet the high quality standards we're looking to offer to our customers.

    We are going to keep you all posted on the process and will have some good early bird deals in the launch weeks. Sign up to our newsletter now to grab those special deals!

    Keep yourself up to date with NoCry products and special deal by signing up to our newsletter!