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    We here at NoCry strive towards one goal - to make great safety products.

    Why? Because that way we can get more people to use them.


    NoCry Home & Work Safety Gear Products

    Your health really is your most precious asset. Our mission is to protect it. 

    NoCry's founder Raino Raasuke created the company 5 years ago with one simple idea. To change the safety industry by designing safety products that would be great to use and marketing them right. He felt that the industry was lacking innovation and could use some refreshing. The issue with safety products is that if you can't make them popular in our culture you can't get people to use them.

    So he set NoCry on a course to change that by challenging the traditional business model with it's endless links of supply chain. We want to do things better.

    We are a direct-to-consumer safety brand that brings you quality safety products without the retail markup. This enables us to focus  more on the build quality and design of our products. If people like using their safety products, they will use them.

    Check out our products here!